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Dear Reader.

GVISN, means Global Visual and Infrared Surveillance Network.

Another year is passing by, and the same is happening, as the year before, UFO sightings are casual.

If astronomers have instruments to find and study stars, we, those interested in unknown aerial objects, should also use instruments to search.

And also, working in a common network, could help, to have better results.

I suggest, to use the following, or similar equipment attached to our computers , cheap and simple to install:
1.- A video camera, suitable for outdoors.
2.- A digital video recorder board and/or software for motion detection.

Interesting videos captured, should be uploaded to Youtube, Google, etc.

Regards, and good luck!


I prefer to stay anonymous, due to incompability with my actual work. Suggestions are welcome to sonthi57-at-hotmail-dot-com. Answering of emails is not guaranteed, it is a time consuming task. Technical suggestions on how to capture aerial objects in movement, by simple means, are welcome. If possible in *.html, to easily add to this site content. Howtos on Microsoft, or Linux software implementations are still required.

Picture on top:
1991-Atlixco, Puebla, Mexico. This glowing UFO with lights, was taken by the Puebla Judicial Police on July 7, 1991, after they were called out, on a call from residents of an unknown object in the area.

Last update: 2015-12-03 (Created this site 2008. From then to today, a couple of ufologists passed away, without any new discovery. Today I think, that the "human interpretation" of reality, is product of the the advance of the "human knowledge of nature". I think, more advanced civilisations are able to transform matter & space & time .. And independent of the base of life; carbon, silicon, or methan ... They all, will create androids to serve them, so at the end, all civilisations develop similar ...)
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